Our Passion

We gained experience throughout many projects in the last couple of years where innovation has always been crucial.

Despite of our different professional backgrounds, wide variety in experience and unique and complementary qualities, our team shares a passion in framing problems, exploring innovation challenges, pursueing ideas and developing them towards sustainable and meaningful solutions as well as in communicating our results in a unique and convincing way.

All of us share the passion to pursue ideas, develop them further and turn them into something sustainable and meaningful.

Our perspective

From our business perspective innovation is something which helps businesses to grow, sustain or make it a better place to work.

Through our backgrounds in academia and business, we have been running projects with businesses ranging from consumer-good-multinationals to small hidden champions. We have developed business ideas, solved design challenges, developed software and designed new study courses.

But most important is, that we realized that our passion is to develop ideas and turn them into success. We always faced resistance from colleagues, constraints from the institutions, cultural obstacles…you name it. But we love to ideate and think in visionary terms to overcome this. Creativity is one key; the right team is even more crucial to realize innovations.

Our philosophy

We believe that empathy for insights is a crucial factor to innovation. No matter how good you are, the greatest weakness from our experience is the lack of openness.

Remember your last vacation, didn’t that offer new perspectives? We guide to new insights. That is why we consider the team, ours as well as yours, of utter importance. We think it depends on people rather than functions. Being cutting edge in your business, where innovation of products/services is essential, it depends on individuals in your team. So do we as your team of consultants.

We believe that multidisciplinarity in challenges results in new insights to master a challenge. For innovation we need to reduce distractions and decrease the noise of everyday life within your team. As a consequence we help you to envision concepts in a different environment and setting, which stimulates the free spirit among your team.


We believe that creativity is a craft. Just as with crafted objects, each of our projects is inherently different and bears the imprint of those involved in its creation. While a similar vocabulary may be used – ideas, concepts and prototypes – each design is a specific response to your needs.

We believe that interdisciplinarity helps us stay connected to the human elements of creativity – curiosity, cooperation and detail – that make our concepts resonate. For us, design is a process exploring, editing and refining ideas down to their essence. In its simplicity, it allows us to develop a tailored solution.

Communication is the key to this process. To establish and maintain a strong relationship, you are intimately involved in each project from the beginning to the result. This continuity and consistency is not just more efficient, but essential for developing thoughtful and applicable concepts.

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