We love to think visionary. We are passionate about it!

Creativity is the key. We believe interdisciplinarity is crucial to become better. We know what open environments can enable. We believe that we can foster innovation in others. In our understanding innovation is crucial but misunderstood.

We are a team of colleagues and friends who share the passion to pursue ideas and help them grow. Not just in universities where we come from.


We make use of a multidisciplinary approach to develop new, unusual insights to your question, challenges or problems.

We gather an interdisciplinary team which works for you. That way, we enable you to quickly generate answers to your questions, challenges or problems.

We will add to your approach to innovate by blending your expertise with agile and academic approaches. We merge disciplines and foster creativity, curiosity, cooperation and love to detail to excel.


BetterIdeas offers solutions. We gather an interdisciplinary team of students or your own colleagues, tailored to your challenge to generate ideas via a hackathon.

Within 72 hours we will lead this team to ideate potential solutions and deliver results ranging from product ideas, prototypes, sketches, business models or anything you can imagine.

We can tailor a team of International students from different disciplines and universities, either be it engineers, psychologists, designers, economists, marketeers, media designers, software engineers or medical students.


Through our work as idea seekers and innovators and our diverse experiences in our previous careers, we have been working on projects with companies ranging from consumer-good-multinationals to Engineering SMEs.

Challenges usually contain the seeds of opportunity. It takes a trained eye to recognize and the open-minded attitude and multidisciplinary attitude.

We can deliver what business usually struggles to achieve: open innovation.


We embrace…

  • open innovation,
  • a hands-on approach,
  • versity,
  • immersive collaboration,
  • an interdisciplinary team and
  • fun in doing what we do.

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